The best wedding

Chalk board or sign on the wedding
Chalkboard Art (literally - the art of chalkboard) is now very popular. Increasingly, weddings in Zaporozhye began to be decorated with attributes from the Chalkboard, to say nothing of photo…

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10 things no one will tell you about the wedding day
No matter how many weddings you have attended before, there are some things that you will never know before your wedding day. Anyone who has been in the role of…

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Wedding procession: a new life with the breeze!
The tuple - the word itself implies that in its composition should be expensive cars, each of which causes respect, and all together they just rivet the views. But it…

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Trendy Wedding Cakes 2018-2019

The choice of cake for a wedding approach is not less scrupulous than to the bride’s dress. Wedding sweets are no less influenced by fashion trends. Let’s talk about what confectionery products will be in demand at weddings in 2018-2019.

In the trend of 2018-2019 – refined minimalism, moderation and thoughtfulness of the design of the wedding cake. Kilograms of multicolored cream, a million cream roses and fifteen hundred tiers have not been comme il faut for a long time, although such cakes can still be seen at weddings. Continue reading

Sweet wedding table

Wedding sweet table and Candy bar can be organized on your own. In fact, it is not difficult at all and quite budget, especially if you understand the subtleties of this “sweet” case.

What to fill?
There is one fundamental difference between a candy bar and a sweet table: the first one consists of a wide variety of candies, but there can be absolutely any desserts on the sweet table, including candies. In general – a real paradise for sweet teeth! Continue reading

Buffet area at the wedding

What is the buffet area?

The buffet in itself implies a short-term event (1.5–2 hours) in an informal style, when guests freely walk between the tables with a plate and a fork in their hands and choose a treat. So, people are always open for free communication, and the newlyweds save both time and money. The banquet allows for a more detailed event with an extensive entertainment program at the wedding, where guests can enjoy plenty of food and socializing. Continue reading

The perfect wedding banquet

Wedding in a restaurant has long become traditional. If you choose the right format of the institution, which will fully meet the requirements of the bride and groom, then the wedding banquet will be perfect. That is why the choice of a place for a banquet is not less important than the choice of a wedding dress, for example. But even if you choose the best restaurant in Zaporizhia, you should not relax! It is very important to plan the wedding evening correctly so that both the guests and the heroes of the occasion have only the best impressions and memories of the wedding. Continue reading

Delicious ideas for the autumn wedding party

Autumn motifs are convenient to use not only in the design of the wedding hall, but also in the festive menu.

Autumn is a time to harvest a rich harvest, which is very symbolic. You can emphasize this thanks to dishes made from natural materials: baskets, baskets of vine and wood, in which you can serve vegetables, fruits, bread. Continue reading

Bridal bouquet of roses: the eternal classic
Wedding trends change every day, but the classic always remains popular. Bridal bouquet, made of roses, continues to occupy the top of the top thanks to a wide choice of…


The best wedding dresses of all time
Gemma Kidd, a very famous visage specialist, closes the top ten of the best wedding dresses. Although her wedding dress was recognized as the most elegant, it turned out to…


Wedding dance: how to prepare
What could be a wedding dance? There are no strict requirements for the first dance. This can be a smooth waltz, sensual tango, slow foxtrot, passionate rumba, and maybe a…


Bridal bouquet of peonies
comparable in importance to the choice of dress. Choosing flowers for a bouquet, turn your attention to the peony. This flower is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and…