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How to choose a wedding arch.

Despite the fact that the wedding industry in Zaporozhye is gaining momentum, not everyone knows, and especially not everyone offers something truly original and cool! Table decoration is classic, I would even say standard: the draperies of the young presidium are all present on the market of festive services. The same situation with the wedding arches.

Not all newlyweds before the preparation for the wedding study foreign forums and sites for interesting ideas, and immediately turn for help to the presenters, decorators and agencies. In most cases, they are offered simple standard options.

And even if you decorate the arch with fresh or artificial flowers, balls or paper pompoms, then it will not become more original. What are the arches in fashion today? How to save on decorations and what style of wedding arch to choose for your celebration? This will be discussed in the article.

Forms of arches

Of course, every year there are their own fashion trends that quickly conquer the wedding market and no longer leave it. One of these trends has become a fashion for rectangular arches. It should be noted that the rectangular wedding arch is fashionable, stylish and fresh!

Rustik, eco, beach wedding, hippie, boho, vintage, Provence – these and many more styles can be emphasized with the help of a rectangular arch! Exquisite fabric, beautiful floral arrangements, your initials or any other decor will look exquisitely on a wooden rectangular arch. Due to easy transportation and assembly, such an arch can be much cheaper than others!

In turn, the arch-tent will elegantly emphasize the celebration in the classical style. A light breeze of wind develops drapery, bright flowers or light bulbs for the evening ceremony – everything is so delicate, beautiful and stylish, and very wedding-like.

The wedding arch in the shape of a heart will become a symbol of your love and … non-standard thinking. Despite the fact that the heart is a sign of love, reciprocity and happiness, not all couples are aware of ordering such an arch. Please note that such an arch should not be unfinished or irregular.
The main condition of such an arch is stability, large size, regular shape. I offer my customers this option:
Also you should not forget about non-standard arches that give originality to your celebration!

Wedding Arch Decoration

If you do not have enough money for beautiful floral arrangements – do not be upset! There is a large number of different decorations that will decorate your arch:

Paper flowers and pompons
Fabric draperies
Cells, books Light bulbs and garlands
Satin ribbons
If you want an original wedding arch, you can contact me. In my arsenal there is a stylish forged arch in the shape of a heart, a rectangular arch made of natural wood, as well as ideas for decorating and draping them. Want something original? Decorative fireplace, unusual vases, bookshelves or something from the picture on the Internet? My masters will do everything for you at the highest level!

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