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Delicious ideas for the autumn wedding party

Autumn motifs are convenient to use not only in the design of the wedding hall, but also in the festive menu.

Autumn is a time to harvest a rich harvest, which is very symbolic. You can emphasize this thanks to dishes made from natural materials: baskets, baskets of vine and wood, in which you can serve vegetables, fruits, bread. At the autumn wedding, instead of the usual bread slicing, you can please the guests with generous assorted bakery products: pita bread, ciabatta, all kinds of bagels and spices.

Candy bar can be perfectly filled with goodies in the autumn theme. You can order all kinds of delicacies in the form of autumn leaves, mushrooms, acorns, berries, pumpkins from Zaporozhye confectioners. Sweets in the form of multi-colored jelly, chocolate and glazed cookies will also be a wonderful addition to the candy bar.

Delight guests with maple syrup – it is very tasty, healthy, fragrant and very autumnal. Bottles of maple syrup can also be given to guests as compliments or bonbonnieres. If the wedding budget does not allow the use of maple syrup, then you can replace it with honey. Another of the autumn treats is caramel apples on sticks, such natural cake pops. They can also be used in a candy bar, and as a gift to guests.

All kinds of berry and fruit jams, preserves, marmalades and marmalade are a great solution for an autumn wedding candy bar.

Mushroom juliens, roasts, vegetable salads and rolls will be ideal dishes at a wedding banquet in the fall. For variety, include berry sauces in the wedding menu. Natural berry sauces, barberry twigs will emphasize not only the taste of many dishes (especially meat), but also the theme of the autumn wedding. Use the maximum seasonal vegetables and fruits in salads, appetizers and hot dishes. Firstly, it is tasty, beautiful and healthy, and secondly, it will reduce the cost of a banquet.

Do not forget the pumpkin. It can be used in wedding decorations and for serving (in small pumpkins you can serve salads and even soups).

In the wedding menu at the autumn wedding there should be much more hot and hearty snacks than in summer. Since it is very much – this is the season of hunting, then game dishes, especially in October and November, are a great option to please the guests taste buds.

Poultry dishes such as baked quail and duck apples are very popular. Again, vegetables, herbs and natural sauces are a great addition to poultry dishes.

Roast in pots, hot meats, stews and even dumplings are also great dishes for an autumn wedding. Fillet of venison in bacon, roe deer stew or elk steak can be more exotic for guests.


You can please guests tinctures and liqueurs, in addition to standard wines. for example, cherry or plum brandy. Bottles can be unusual to arrange in the autumn theme, to order exclusive labels. And of course, the highlight of the autumn wedding is mulled wine or punch. From soft drinks, berry and fruit compotes, as well as ginger tea are perfect for the autumn table.


Wedding cake, which marks the conclusion of a wedding banquet, also need to arrange in the autumn style. Decorations in the form of autumn leaves, flowers and berries – a great option for a wedding cake. Look at fashionable now “naked” cakes or Naked Cake – a minimum of chemistry, a maximum of naturalness, taste and goodness.

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