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Buffet area at the wedding

What is the buffet area?

The buffet in itself implies a short-term event (1.5–2 hours) in an informal style, when guests freely walk between the tables with a plate and a fork in their hands and choose a treat. So, people are always open for free communication, and the newlyweds save both time and money. The banquet allows for a more detailed event with an extensive entertainment program at the wedding, where guests can enjoy plenty of food and socializing. But this translates into a “pretty penny” for the budget of a young family. Reception area allows you to either diversify the banquet, or reduce its cost, depending on the treats. And adds an alternative platform for communication.

Buffet area at the wedding
Space decoration

Reception area should be located away from the main banquet tables, but also be an organic part of the wedding space. If you want to ensure privacy, think over partitions of fabrics or garlands, suggests the site www.svadbagolik.ru. The design of the buffet area may correspond to the general theme of the wedding, as well as represent a peculiar accent, for example, color. A great idea – the presentation of “special” treats in the buffet area.

Snack area

Canape, sliced ​​dishes – classic elements of the buffet menu. At the wedding, such cold snacks can be exhibited in the buffet area, in contrast to the hot portioned dishes that guests will be offered during the main banquet. It’s a good idea to have a separate table, if you have funds in the budget, for example, with cheese canapés or meat dishes.

Salad zone

Give the guests a chance to choose their own salad to taste. Salad stand-up zone will decorate the wedding banquet with a variety of colors and tastes. For salads should be served a variety of dressings. You can provide guests with complete independence – order ready-made sliced ​​ingredients of various salads, prepare a salad menu, and the chef will prepare guests’ salads from the available products.

Fish, land and the smell of the sea

If you want a highly specialized buffet zone, imagine only seafood and, for example, sushi on it. So, you will stay within the framework of modern trends, as well as delight guests with delicacies, because caviar or red fish is always festive.

Wedding fondue

The French fondue dish is another representative of themed treats. Prepare a base of good cheese, place salad bowls with crackers, ham, vegetables, and then the guests will be able not only to have a tasty meal, but also to chat for an unusual pastime.

Buffet area at the wedding
Cocktail area

If only a cocktail reception is “not enough”, then the zone of original cocktails at a wedding is “oh, that is necessary. You can please the guests with unusual and memorable alcoholic beverages. Such a bar and snacks will appeal to any gourmet. In addition, high-quality alcoholic beverages are good at any wedding: from classic to thematic.

Buffet area at the wedding
Tea and coffee buffet

And still there will be many people who prefer fragrant hot ones to any strong drinks. Buffet area with tea and coffee is useful not less than a cocktail, especially by the end of the evening or at winter weddings.

The stand-up area will add originality to the wedding, help to surprise guests, and with a reasonable and thought-out approach – reduce the wedding budget.

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