Photozone at the wedding
It is a mistake to suppose that the photozone is a small room where guests come in, they sit down sedately, and the photographer takes them one after the other.…

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Actual ideas for a wedding photo shoot
What unites photographs of past years and even decades with photos of modern newlyweds? Of course, the glitter of the eyes of a couple in love, the tenderness of the…

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How to decorate a wedding car
Given the rapid development of the wedding industry and a huge variety of ideas, many brides are trying to apply interesting ideas for their celebration. In Europe, a huge amount…

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What cape to choose under the wedding dress

This item of festive wardrobe is chosen after the dress, but before you buy more jewelry and other accessories – gloves or clutch. In the  catalog you will be able to pick up a cape among the range of two hundred brands and order a new dress at a nice price, saving on pre-wedding troubles. How to find the right and not miscalculate – tell below.

Varieties of Wedding Capes

They cover their shoulders and arms, fasten with buttons, hidden hooks or a brooch in the area of ​​the clavicles. The cut does not constrain the hands, the sex reaches the middle of the thigh, the knees or even the ankles. The traditional version is a cape with long floors and a hood, which is useful at the wedding ceremony. Simplified models – a cloak without a hood.

Classic women’s capes are suitable for dresses with a narrow and semi-fitted silhouette:
in the Empire style;

Wedding boleros go without fasteners, so they open the neckline. The length and design of the sleeve varies: among the popular styles – “flashlight”, “corrugation”, “bell”, “calypso”, with shoulder pads. The dignity of this type of cape is versatility and diversity. Due to the shortened length, the bolero is in harmony with:
fluffy dresses on the rings;
wedding “cases”;
new bow dresses;
the mermaid style and the year mentioned.

Bolero suitable for autumn, spring and summer – after all, in the winter can not do without a full coat. Season determines the choice of material. Guipure, lace, silk, satin are suitable fabrics for warm weather. Two-layered matter with a full pattern or embroidery, velvet, jacquard, solid artificial fur – such boleros will appeal to brides who marry in the fall or spring.

Bolero, made of the same fabric as the dress, will complement the strapless models. The result is a complete, holistic outfit, in which every detail is in the right place and does not distract from the solemn moment.

Fur boa with ties-ribbons or brooch – an elegant cape on the shoulders for those who chose a dress with open shoulders, a “boat” neckline, sleeves of thin, transparent fabric or lace.

Look at the downy boa if the ceremony is planned in the middle of spring or autumn, when the fur looks appropriate. If you arrange a wedding in the summer, light boils decorated with tulle or guipure will come in handy. Such capes can be supplemented with gloves to the elbow and ornaments on the neck – velvet, pearl thread, necklaces, collars and chokers.

Cape Coat
A favorite option for those who prefer concise dresses, moderation in detail and discreet cut. Capes of this kind are similar to an elongated jacket or an even coat without pockets and are worn under:
dresses in linen style;
wedding trouser suits;
models with a trapezoid silhouette.

Capes, coats produced from crepe-chiffon, thick silk, jacquard, brocade and other heavy fabrics. Despite their asceticism, some look luxurious — the fabric, sides and floors are decorated with metallized thread, beads, and embroidery. Wedding fashion gurus are advised to buy such a cape to mature women who refuse veils and other ceremonial paraphernalia.

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