Organizers, managers and coordinators of weddings. Who are these people?
All these concepts are quite similar concepts, but you still need to understand the difference between these specialists. A wedding organizer is, as a rule, a wedding agency, a company…

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Prepagos en Bogota
Wedding Succulents: Creative Ideas
Succulents in the wedding decoration are now a trend element that came from the West. Who does not know, succulents are quite versatile plants, often of very unusual forms, which…

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How to choose a wedding agency?
Before you contact the wedding agency of Zaporozhye, visit its website and study the pricing policy. If the agency assures you that they work with any wedding budget, this is…

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Wedding shoes: how to choose the right?

Bride shoes today – not just shoes. It is also a stylish accessory, as well as a must-have element of the photo shoot. Therefore, the argument “All the same, under the dress is not visible!” Is hopelessly outdated, and the choice of wedding shoes should be considered with great attention.

Wedding shoe compatibility
Today, ideas about wedding shoes have become much broader than before. The main thing – the integrity of the image of the bride, a single style. Boots under the wedding dress? “No way, just boots! White! ”- would have gasped yesterday. “And why not, it’s so great!” – we say today. Provided, of course, that it is winter outside, and felt boots are stylized. The same applies to colored wedding shoes, ballet shoes, sneakers – shoes have become a sphere of experimentation. Think about the style of your celebration and what kind of shoes it will fit. Vintage is a shoe with lace and a T-shaped strap, the classics are high-heeled “shoes”, and a boho-style bride can walk calmly barefoot.

Gone are the days when the only color of wedding shoes was white. Today you are not limited in the choice and can give preference to shoes of any color. For example, to choose shoes under the wedding palette, to make a duet a bouquet + shoes of similar shades – looks luxurious.

Moreover, you do not need to choose single-colored shoes: abroad, many brides wear shoes with a print (for example, a flower or a pea), as well as models with a metallic effect on the wedding. Therefore, be guided primarily by the fact that your image was complete: the dress, shoes and accessories were combined in color and style.

Sometimes you find a pair that fits perfectly in appearance, concept and season, but, having tried it on, you know – the shoes are tight or not fit. Unfortunately, most brides are embarrassed by the hope of getting used to or spreading their favorite pair – this is a mistake! There is nothing worse than suffering all day in unsuitable shoes, rubbing calluses and dreaming only about changing shoes into something more comfortable. What kind of holiday mood is there? At such moments, you can hardly remember how well the shoes fit with the dress. Be sure to visit the wedding salon Diona, where you can not only pick up a pair of comfortable and beautiful wedding shoes, but also interesting accessories to the image.

Convenience criteria worth considering:
Material. Choose natural leather – at least for the lining. With faux leather shoes, your foot will start to scream within fifteen minutes. If the top of the shoes is made of silk, keep in mind that such shoes should never be wetted – ugly stains will remain.

Block. Shoes should fit tightly and comfortably in the leg, without dangling or squeezing. The toes should be fully extended – so that you can move them freely.

Heel. While some brides choose ballet flats on a flat sole, others do not think of a wedding without shoes on heels. Take into account your tastes and habits: if you do not wear high heels in everyday life, you will have to hurt your legs in a couple of hours – while brides who are used to walking on heels can freely hold them all day. The optimal heel height is 5-7 cm. Also keep in mind that if you are not used to walking on heels, it is better to choose shoes with a steady heel – it can look no less elegant.

The decor. Choosing shoes with surround decor (flowers, buckles, rhinestones), check that all this does not cling to the dress, preventing you from walking. Otherwise, you can easily fall.

Season. To be cold in summer shoes in the winter or to bathe in closed shoes in the summer is to deprive yourself of comfort and joy on your wedding day. Do not ignore the seasonality factor, trying to save or follow signs. In the cold season you will need two pairs of shoes: warm for the street and solemn – for the room. In the fall and spring, closed waterproof shoes (boots or ankle boots) come in handy. In hot summer, it is better to discard classic shoes and choose sandals or shoes with an open heel / toe.

Wedding place. If you are lucky and are planning a celebration on the beach, it is better to choose not shoes with heels (they will tie in the sand), but slippers on a flat sole. Wedding in the “wild” nature? So, elegant evening shoes will have to be abandoned in favor of casual – fashion shoes will simply not withstand a collision with earth and stones.

Wedding Succulents: Creative Ideas
Succulents in the wedding decoration are now a trend element that came from the West. Who does not know, succulents are quite versatile plants, often of very unusual forms, which…


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