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How to decorate a wedding car

Given the rapid development of the wedding industry and a huge variety of ideas, many brides are trying to apply interesting ideas for their celebration. In Europe, a huge amount of attention is paid to the little things – the bouquet, the image of girlfriends and the wedding car. Today I will tell you how to decorate a car for a wedding in a modern, stylish and European way!


Even if we are talking about artificial flowers, then even with them, the design of cars for the wedding can be interesting! The main thing is to show a sense of style and taste in creating the composition. For example, a delicate little bouquet on the hood will create the desired picture in the photo and immediately make the car visible on the streets. You can order such a bouquet from decorators or make it yourself.

Also, an interesting addition to the style of your wedding will be a small flower bouquet of fresh flowers. This kind of car decoration for a wedding is more expensive, but it also looks much more original and luxurious.

You can make a bouquet for a wedding car pastel and delicate, and you can make it in the style of bright color accent, which is combined with the palette of your wedding.

Also, an interesting option would be to make a bouquet on the car, which is a full copy of the bride’s bouquet – a stylish and original design course!


Previously, the design of cars for the wedding was reduced to the purchase of terrible ribbon hearts and various inscriptions like the Mafia of the groom. Nowadays, modern trends make it possible to find unbanal solutions that will decorate not only your car, but also the entire wedding as a whole.

Such a gentle and beautiful plate will make your car European and refined!

And this is how you can decorate a car at the end of a banquet – when young people leave for a honeymoon or leave the guests for the wedding night. Agree, a very stylish and non-broken solution!

If you dream that the design of cars for the wedding was done by hand, then create unique wedding toys – options that are always interesting and relevant!

And if the toys are made by the hands of the bride – they acquire even more value for the couple on their special day. At the same time, you should not dwell on banal bears – you can find a lot of ideas on the Internet!

What other ideas can you use?

In fact, their weight! You can use ribbons, inscriptions, banks, live compositions, wreaths, balloons, garlands, paper pompons.

What should be discarded?

From tasteless ribbons on handles, hood and trunk, it is also worth refusing hearts from ribbons. Do not buy rings on the roof of the car, huge living or artificial flower beds, etc. Focus on originality, brevity and style.

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