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Unusual wedding procession: bright elements of the wedding


If the wedding will be decorated in the style of past centuries, then a horse drawn carriage will be the most suitable version of the procession for the celebration. The bride will feel in her a real princess, who is about to become the queen. It must be remembered that the carriage is preferable to use only in warm weather. And what to do in a cold and snowy winter? There is at least an original solution – replace the carriage with a sled. Of course, such a wedding procession will look unforgettable and arrest the views of passersby.


If you like fun, creativity and you want to show your individuality to the fullest, but at the same time you don’t want to spend a lot of resources, then think about a wedding motorcycle cycle. Just imagine: the newlyweds and their wildest guests drive up to the registry office on this two-wheeled vehicle. You can be completely sure that no one will remain indifferent. And at the same time you will save a good amount of money, which, of course, is a big plus. This option is suitable for those couples who simply do not represent their life without a bicycle, and there are more and more such people in Zaporozhye.


An amazing and unexpected adventure will be a tram rental. Yes, in Zaporozhye, you can rent a tram! Of course, you cannot drive straight to the registry office on it, however this nuance cannot be compared with the positive emotions that will be received during the trip. It is important that this non-standard motorcade is able to provide comfort for newlyweds and guests of the celebration. The tram is convenient in that you can turn on music inside it, arrange dances and even place tables.


A motorcade consisting of motorcycles or scooters can truly liven up your holiday. True, for this, you need to know for sure whether one of the newlyweds can control the “iron horse”. Otherwise, you will need to hire people for this. However, incomparable impressions will be provided to all without exception.

Motor ship

In summer, before the newlyweds of Zaporozhye, there are ample opportunities for weddings in an original way. For example, in the warm season, you can rent a whole motor ship in order to replace the usual wedding procession in this way, and maybe even spend your unforgettable holiday on it. Imagine: small Dnieper waves, a light breeze, a bright sun by day, and after a night fireworks, reflected in the water … What could be more romantic?

Of course, such wedding cortege options are very original and non-standard. However, when organizing this important component of a wedding celebration, you need to remember some points.

Do not forget about the overall style and design of the wedding. If your celebration is organized in French style, then, of course, motorcycles will not correspond to the general theme. Therefore, it is more correct and more beautiful when all elements of the wedding, including the tuple, are combined with each other.

It is necessary to remember the time of year. For example, in icy conditions it is difficult to imagine newlyweds pedaling bicycles. You may have only dreamed of a motorcade consisting of just this type of transport, however, you will have to look for an alternative or even abandon such an original idea if you are planning to hold a wedding in winter.

Need to think about how to decorate non-standard transport. Do not forget that this is primarily a wedding transport, the decoration of which will make your holiday even brighter and more fun. Therefore, decorate it with ribbons, fresh flowers or balloons.

The wedding should be an unforgettable event for the newlyweds. And an unusual procession is able to diversify this holiday twice. Therefore, do not be afraid to dream and embody your ideas. Successes!

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