Pros and cons of contacting a wedding agency
So, the wedding agencies of Zaporozhye offer many wedding services that can save future newlyweds from a lot of trouble. But everything has its positive and negative sides. Pros and…

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Choosing a vintage wedding dress
How to choose a vintage wedding dress? Wedding fashion, exactly like ordinary fashion, has an interesting feature - cyclicality. Therefore, vintage wedding dresses are becoming fashionable again. More precisely, some…

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Buffet area at the wedding
What is the buffet area? The buffet in itself implies a short-term event (1.5–2 hours) in an informal style, when guests freely walk between the tables with a plate and…

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How to choose a videographer for a wedding

Most often, when choosing an operator for a wedding, couples are interested in the question of the cost of the service. It should be noted that the high price is not a guarantee of good quality. In order not to be mistaken, you need to carefully review the sample work of candidates.

The budget for a wedding video is determined in two ways. The first is the choice of a package of services with a clearly defined cost. This package may include:
• Video filming of a celebration,
• Installation services,
• Recording on media
• Disc design.

The second method is an individual order, which determines the format and time of shooting, as well as the level of complexity of installation. Other services may be negotiated.

The pre-wedding film, that is, love story, is very popular. This is a professional shooting of the bride and groom story. Such a video may contain:
• Dramatization of the first date,
• stylized walk,
• Interesting comments from loved ones,
• Slideshow of children’s photos of the bride and groom

As an additional service serves a small version of the wedding in the form of a clip. The short picture concisely reflects the brightest moments of the holiday.

The most interesting options for a wedding video is obtained if you take pictures with several cameras. When two operators work, it is necessary that they interact harmoniously. This condition gives a good result.

The videographer needs the ability to explain how newlyweds behave in the frame. At the meeting it should be noted how the specialist sees the future shooting.

For the bride and groom, the wedding day is not only the happiest, but also very exciting. Tension is always visible in the frame. Therefore, when negotiating with a video operator, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the features of the specialist’s video samples, but also to how he communicates. If the contact between the couple and the operator is established quickly and easily – you can be sure and enter into an agreement.

In order to make the video more interesting, staged shooting is often used. This is a creative and vivid action that can be performed while walking. Newlyweds are invited to “play” beautiful ready-made plots. In this case, it is important not to overdo it.
In any shoot, naturalness is important. We must try to relax and not be too tense. If the couple has no experience in filming, it is important that the operator does not attract too much attention. The better the contact between the operator and the newlyweds – the more lively and dynamic shooting.

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