There is an opinion that wedding printing in Zaporozhye is a costly and unnecessary pleasure. But those who want to experience all the delights of the wedding in full, with all the attributes and traditions can not do without the wedding printing. And if you decide to organize a beautiful, thoughtful wedding celebration – you need to do everything perfectly.

Perhaps the most important element of wedding printing is the invitation, it is a kind of “start”, because the impression from your guests about your wedding begins from the moment when they receive an invitation. And, most pleasantly, invitation cards are the least expensive item of the wedding budget.

There are no restrictions on the choice of wedding invitations, the main requirement is that they must clearly convey the style of your wedding and be combined with the rest of the printing and wedding decor. It can be both classic options and exclusive products made to order, taking into account the style and concept of your wedding. They can be very different: from a design cardboard and paper, with beautiful ribbons, butterflies, hearts, rhinestones, pebbles, etc. The text of the invitation should be concise, but at the same time thoughtful – guests should understand that you are sincerely waiting for them at your holiday! One invitation is sent to one invited family, based on this it is easy to calculate the required number of invitations. The most important thing is to give the wedding invitations as early as possible. This gesture shows their respect for the guests and a responsible approach to this celebration. In addition, guests will have more time to prepare for the wedding and plan their own time.

The ideal option is to present invitation cards one to two months before the wedding. For convenience, at the end of the invitation text, you can write at what time the person must notify of their intention to attend the wedding. In this case, the potential guest will already know for sure or not. It is enough one invitation for a family, in it it should be specified who the bride and groom want to see at the wedding, including children. Wedding invitations are preferably handed personally in hand, the exception – guests from other locations.

Checks for tables, guest cards, a seating plan for guests are essential attributes of a modern Zaporozhye wedding, which are now very popular among newlyweds. And these are not only beautiful elements of decor, but also very useful things. The aesthetics of the wedding feast begins with the comfort and convenience of all the guests at the wedding. Therefore, in advance of the holiday, a plan for seating guests is drawn up: according to interests, ranking and kinship ties. Your guests will be very comfortable when they come to the wedding, to take their own place at the specified table, and not to sit on the place that will remain for their arrival. If you do not want to force guests to sit on the place indicated, you can not put a personalized seating, but the numbering of the tables should be required.

A wedding guest wish book is an album where anyone can leave some warm lines for you to remember. This is a Western tradition, which is not yet very common in Ukraine, but the guest book can be a great addition to a wedding photo album. Usually, the wedding guest book is placed at the entrance to the banquet hall, so that every guest can come up at any convenient time and leave his wish for the newlyweds. It is desirable that the entertainer or the manager of the celebration warned guests that they can use it.

Wedding bonbonnieres – another wedding accessory that came to us from the West. There has been a tradition in Europe since ancient times: the newlyweds give small souvenirs to all their guests, expressing gratitude for coming to their celebration. So why not realize this nice tradition at a wedding in Zaporozhye? Gifts are different: a chocolate bar with a monogram, a soft toy, frames for photos or even small plants in pots. However, most often souvenirs for guests are beautiful bonbonnieres – small boxes with candies inside. Many newlyweds in Zaporizhia have a question – how to hand out the bonbonnieres at a wedding? There is no particular way here, someone gives gifts at the beginning of the wedding, someone, on the contrary, at the end. The method of giving is also individual.

One of the easiest and win-win ways is to lay out the bonbonniere on a festive table next to each plate. Elegantly packaged gifts will not only set the festive atmosphere of the feast, but also adorn the festival. In this case, bonbonnieres can also be used as seating cards: sign the name of the guest on each gift, and let everyone sit next to their gifts!